Legal Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


1) All charges are calculated as per tariff sheet and are subject to review by the Company. Clients will be notified of changes 30 days in advance unless otherwise agreed.

1.1) Accounts are payable by: Credit Card. Direct Debt, BACS and cheque accounts are due 30 days after invoice date. Later payment may be charged at 2% interests per month on the daily basis.

1.1.1) The Company will charge administration of 15% on all monthly Invoices unless otherwise agreed with the client in advance.

1.2) The Company reserves the right of charge in respect of cancellations if such are not notified within reasonable time and in advance of dispatch of said hiring. The charge will not exceed unless specified the minimum hire charge.

1.3) All charges are subject to VAT at the current rate at 17.5% of the net charge.

1.4) Refund will be given at the discretion of the Company Management.


2.1) The Company reserves the right of journey route unless otherwise agreed in advance or directed by specific instruction from the client.

2.2) The Client must not act or request in any way, any action which contravenes or causes to contravene any part of any legislation which applies to the use of vehicles as applied under the Road Traffic act. And any act which is liable to contravene any legislation in respect of criminal activity. The Carriage of animals is by strict request and agreed in advance with the Company. The Company reserves the right of refusal.

2.3) When the hirer decides to travel to a particular place, the driver will, unless specifically otherwise instructed by the Company travel by the route which is, in his opinion, the best and most convenient for motoring whether the route is the shortest or not, and no allowance will be made to the hirer on the ground the route adopted is not usually the shortest.

2.4) A reasonable amount of ordinary passenger luggage is allowed, but luggage which in the opinion of the driver amounts to an excessive weight will not be carried. The Company accepts no responsibility for any, loss or damage to any luggage or property carried in or on the car, however such loss or damage is caused.

2.5) The Company reserves the right to invoice the client with the charge (no less than a minimum charge) unless a cancellation has been received no less than four hours before the car and chauffeur are due to be dispatched.

2.6) Any excess charge over and above the time and mileage stated or quoted on the particular job will be charged extra at current rates.

2.7) When the Company supplies a chauffeur only, it is the client's responsibility to provide suitable motor insurance which complies with the requirement of the Road Traffic act. The Company will accept no responsibility whatsoever in the event of an accident.

2.8) The Company accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage to any luggage or property carried in or on the vehicle howsoever such a loss or damage may occur.

2.9) The Company will not accept responsibility for any delays howsoever they are caused.

2.9.1) In the event of any claim in respect of any hiring the company liability shall be limited more than the total sum of the hiring in the first part. And no more than any agreed amount which shall be agreed in writing in advance of the hiring, in the second part.


3.1) The Client shall notwithstanding claims as aforementioned indemnify the Company for damage or loss that shall by (direct or indirect) cause result from any action the client may take in respect of the hiring.